Many parents have reviewed and commended Time Traveller Kids. Here are some of their comments with their experience with Time Traveller Kids.

“It really is my money’s worth to see my kid enjoy and learn.” – (Agnes, mum of Tobey, aged 10)

“My son used to hate History class at school. He would get bored and lose interest easily which leads him to distract himself and not pay attention in class. One of my co-workers recommended Time Traveller Kids which is why I’m here. Both my son and I were so impressed by the resources provided that it became a bonding father-son moment for both of us. He is starting to love History, all thanks to Time Traveller Kids!” – (Rafael, father of Chase, aged 8)

“My children loved it so much that they anticipate its arrival at our doorstep every month.” – (Tessa, mum of Becky, aged 7 and Chloe, aged 11)