When kids think of history, most groan at the idea of long and boring lectures in class that seem to go on forever. History is one of the most interesting topics in the world that can ignite a spark in your child. Knowing about what has happened in the past such as old traditions and practices to historical events can help kids understand how history shapes the present and why things now are the way they are.

The lack of visuals or an interesting approach in presenting history to children can make them not take interest or even lose interest in the subject.

Time Traveller Kids is a fun and interesting resource of having children learn about history. It understands the development of how kids learn and caters to maximizing their learning capacity. It merges creativity, fun, and learning all together. It propels your kid’s imagination into a time machine as they project themselves as time traveler kids.

It is like your kids are going on holiday through history without leaving the comforts of your home. We believe that we will encourage your child to learn the beauty of history and help create that spark of curiosity and search for knowledge.

Time Traveller Kids is a monthly subscription of interactive historic learning material. It shall cover various historic periods all over the globe such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Victorians, and Elizabethans to name a few.

Your kid shall love the interactive nature of Time Traveller Kids and unconsciously learn at the same time. The monthly subscription feature can put your kid’s on their toes for what’s going to happen on their next adventure.