British Clothing Brands for Your Kids

The accent is not the only thing the British have to go for them. They also pride themselves with clothing brands like suitable to all genders and ages, including kids. Although not supermodels, babies and kids are just adorable to see in different types of clothing. Their charm itself urges adults around them to go shopping for them.

In light of that, here are some British clothing brands that will aid your kids’ fashion needs.

1.         The Bonnie Mob

The Bonnie Mob started its journey in 2005. The company was inspired by the founder’s daughter, which is why it was founded after she was born.

The baby and kids’ clothes The Bonnie Mob is offering range from babies aged 0-24 months to kids 2-7 years of age. The clothing brand also promotes practical buying, which is why it’s known for its slogan, “Buy Once. Buy Well. Pass It On.”, and who wouldn’t pass it on? The Bonnie Mob has a wide selection of colorful clothes, and most of these are made of organic cotton.

2.         Boden

Although already known as a reliable British clothing brand, Boden still ventured out and tried setting up in the United States of America in 2002. This proved to be a really good move as the company has steadily grown since then. It was in 2007 when it decided to start a new line for babies, known as Baby Boden. The clothing line for teenagers, Johnnie B, followed shortly after, in 2019.

Boden is known for having bold patterns combined with stripes. Bright colors also seem to be its color of choice. Aside from the unique prints, it also prides itself on producing quality clothing articles for babies and kids.

3.         Next

If you’re into online shopping, fret not because there’s still a British clothing brand for you. Next is known to be the highest-ranking online clothing retailer, and this is thanks to its incredibly playful clothes. The clothes it offers to babies, kids, and teens are of high quality, but the best part is that they are all affordable. It just goes to show that quality clothes do not have to be unreasonably expensive. Speaking of quality, their tees are all 100% cotton-made, so comfort is guaranteed, too. Next also offers accessories and shoes.

4.         Jigsaw Junior

Do you want to take your baby girl shopping? Jigsaw Junior is the perfect British clothing brand for you. The drawback is that the brand does not really have an extensive selection of clothing articles, but the ones that it does have are so carefully chosen that anything you decide to buy is sure to be a good buy.

5.         Joules

Joules created a line for both kids and teens: Little Joule and Baby Joule. The clothes in this line cater to babies from 0 age to kids up to 12 years old. If you want to buy your kids’ clothes with awesome graphic and unique “willies”, Joules is the brand for you.


It’s okay to take kids fashion seriously as long as you shop and spend wisely; after all, babies and kids won’t stay that way forever, so dress them up while you still can.