The Wild West

The Wild West was an iconic location filled with gold, outlaws, and cowboys. Native Americans were displaced off their own land and were even enslaved. More than 150,000 Americans went to the West Coast in hopes of finding gold. It was also known to have no laws which made many criminals or also known as outlaws travel to the place to evade the consequences of their crimes.

As rumors of finding gold in the area were spreading like wildfire, many tourists flocked to the wild west in order to experience it. Cowboys from the Wild West decided to profit off the tourists who wanted to experience some time in their boots. The ranches where tourists would rent were called Dude Ranches which derived from the term “dude” referring to city people in fancy clothes.

Due to the Wild West’s lack of development, it took a long time to travel to and from the West coast. It also took 10 days for a letter to reach the other side of the country via a horse; this was called the Pony Express.

Slowly, the lawless Wild West was turning to become its own town, with its own professions, establishments, and governance.