The Stuarts

The first kings of the United Kingdom were called The Stuarts. The Stuarts’ reign started in the 1600s until the early 1700s.

A bloody civil war occurred during the 17th century due to the struggle between the monarchs named the Cavaliers and the parliament named the Roundheads who hold more power over the United Kingdom.

During this time, a fire had taken place in a bakery on Pudding Lane. Thousands of houses were quickly ravaged by the fire because of them being built beside one another and the dryness of wood caused by the summer heat. The fire had lasted for four days and only six people were believed to have perished.

It was named the Great Fire of London. One of the buildings that perished in the Great Fire was the old St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was then redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren, a notable English architect.

A ship called the Mayflower had 102 passengers called Pilgrims in the hopes of a fresh start in somewhere new. During this time, many Protestants were not in favor of some practices of the Church of England and wanted to live a new life. They traveled across rough waters in the Atlantic sea but had made their way to North America after two months at sea.