Ancient Greece

One of the most famous and forward civilizations of their time was Ancient Greece. It was home to many philosophers, artists, craftsmen, architects, and many more. Greece was not one single country under a single government but had many city-states that had their own rulers.

One of the richness that contributed to Ancient Greekā€™s greatness was Greek Mythology. The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses lived in the sky and ruling over the earth. Both good and bad gods and goddesses existed. Many also believed that these deities walked among mortals and even had offspring with human beings.

The origins of the Olympics came from Ancient Greece. It was an ode to Zeus every few years and an event for Greek men who were physically fit to compete against men from other city-states. Back then, women were not allowed to compete.

In the city-state of Sparta, Spartan boys started warrior training at the early age of 7.

Another fun fact about Ancient Greece was that throwing an apple was a form of affection or declaring your love for that someone; if someone were to throw an apple at you during this time, it could also mean your hand in marriage.