Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, located in the northern part of Ancient Africa, was known for being one of the oldest civilization in the world. It centered around the Nile River, one of the longest rivers in the world. Ancient Egypt was known for its great technology of their time such as agriculture, great pyramids, hieroglyphics, religion, and many more.

Leaders in Ancient Egypt were called “pharaohs”. They were believed to be gods and goddesses in human form. Some of Egypt’s most famous leaders were Tutankhamun who became a pharaoh at just 9 years old, Cleopatra as a beautiful and intelligent female ruler, and Ramses II who was considered the greatest ruler of Egypt.

Mummification was a process discovered by Ancient Egyptians as a way of preserving one’s body after death in the afterlife or life after death. The process of mummifying a body is tedious and gruesome.

Pyramids were built as burial sites for pharaohs and their families. Inside these pyramids were precious items such as gold and the pharaoh’s belongings for them to use in the afterlife. Pyramids are believed to be protected with booby traps and curses to prevent thieves from stealing the deceased’s belongings.

Hieroglyphics was an Ancient Egyptian language that used different symbols to convey sentences or messages.