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Stirling Castle – medieval life in 4D

Stirling castle life in 4D

We visited Stirling Castle this morning. We often meet my mum and dad there as it is half way between us and a good place to catch up and spend a few hours. The kids love exploring the ‘dungeon’ (which is not actually a dungeon at all, but some dark creepy rooms down steep steps) and running round the battlements.


Last time we were there we discovered a whole new area in the palace vaults designed for kids, so we went back there today to have a better look. There was plenty to do – not just reading and quizzes, but also things to touch, feel, cytotec 200mg smell and hear.




After listening to a TED talk this week about how the use of all your senses can improve the quality of an experience (this was not a talk for children I would warn you!) it really made me appreciate how good these displays were. It made me think much more about how life must have been like back then – how it must have sounded and smelt, and how impressive all the colours and rich fabrics must have been to mere commoners like myself. The only things missing was something to eat! Plenty of inspiration there for some Medieval/Tudor projects I think…


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