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Make a pterodactyl

OK, so this is maybe a little off subject, but I suppose you could argue that history extends as far back as you want it to, and if you can time travel to ancient egypt, well, why not back to the Jurassic too? My daughter has to give a talk on dinosaurs at school and she has chosen pterodactyls as her specialist subject (although we have just discovered that they aren’t actually called pterodactyls , and are not really dinosaurs after all – do you think her teacher will mind?) Anyway, to make her talk a bit more exciting we made….


This was a super easy project. Here is how to do it.

Make your own pterodactyl!

Cut out the shapes for the wings and the head from a piece of cardboard. You can do this freehand for a really big pterodactyl or you could use our template for a small one. Score down the centre of the wings very gently with a sharp knife to allow it to bend.


Cut a thin slit in the head and slot it onto the wings. If it doesn’t fit all that buy cytotec 200 mg snugly put a blob of glue between the two.


Now you can paint it or colour it in. We used some pastels which were fun to smudge the colours together. No-one really knows what colour they really were so you can go to town and use your imagination.

You can now put it on a stand or attach some string to the wings.They would make a fantastic mobile too I think.


Here are some of the things we found out about pterodactyls:

  • there is no such thing really as a pterodactyl – they are pterosaurs!
  • there are lots of different kinds of pterosaurs, from small ones the size of birds today to huge ones the size of a small plane.
  • they were not really dinosaurs, but winged lizards and they did not have feathers.
  • some of them had huge crests on their heads, but no-one knows why.
  • fossilised footprints suggest they walked on 4 legs when they were not flying.
  • birds evolved from small dinosaurs, not from pterosaurs.


  1. Enjoyed the pterodactyl. Did you get this comment?

  2. Joyce Ostertag says:

    Thanks for your helpful ideas – am teaching both dinosaurs and ancient Egypt this summer!

  3. This is awesome – my son has to give talk on a dinosaur and produce some work/crafts around his choice for half term project (same as you just found out its not a dino but half way through half term project and not starting again!). Thanks for the inspiration

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