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Have a stone age feast


OK, for this we will have go back in time a long, long way…way back before supermarkets, shops, bakeries, bags of crisps and sweets. In fact, we have to back to a time before there were any houses, fridges, saucepans or even pots! In the old stone age (also called the palaeolithic), if you wanted something to eat, you would’ve had to find it, or catch it for yourself!

So what did they eat? The people during this period of time were hunter gatherers. They hunted animals with spears then ate them, and used their skins and bones to make clothes and tools. They also would have caught and eaten fish, shellfish, insects (like grasshoppers and grubs) and reptiles like lizards or tortoises. Have a look at this evidence for a palaeolithic feast.

They gathered wild fruits and berries, and nuts would have been a good source of energy. Vegetables as we know them today did not exist – when did you last come across a wild carrot? But they cytotec cheap price would have foraged for edible plants, and there is evidence that they ate things like ferns and cattails (a marshland reed) which has lots of energy in its roots.

Have a palaeolithic feast!

Collect a selection of things that cave men would have eaten. Some ideas are:

  • Some roast or barbecued meat (or you could cook some on the fire)
  • Shellfish or baked fish
  • Fruit – apples, pears, berries (even better if you go out and pick them from the hedgerows!)
  • Nuts – you could have some hazelnuts, walnuts or anything else you can find.
  • Salad leaves

stone age food, cave man, palaeolithic diet

See if you can make a bonfire somewhere to sit around and share the food. You will have to eat with your fingers. You could maybe wrap some fruit or fish in tinfoil and cook it in the embers of the fire. Wrap up warm in some animal furs (or blankets if you don’t have any), look up at the stars, and stay close to the fire so the cave lions don’t get you.





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