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British Museum with kids


We have just got back from our half term break in London where we had a busy whirl of sight seeing, visiting family, and a long awaited (by the kids anyway) trip to Legoland. One of the things I had been wanting to do for years though, was to visit the British Museum. I had been once before in my twenties before the kids came along, but since then even the journey down to London with three children has been to put me off going back. Now I wanted the kids to see some of the amazing exhibits, as well as having another look myself.

The challenge was to make it interesting for the kids–after all one statue can look very much like another after a while, and they have had more than enough of mum ranting on about Romans and Egyptians. Thankfully the British Museum had a solution–a digital audio guide for children. They each got a console with a pen to touch the screen with–an instant hit with all of them. It led them though a choice of seven buy cytotec pills online tours; we did the ancient Greek and Egyptian ones, which took maybe an hour or so.


The directions were good and led the kids from one exhibit to another with funny sketches, jokes and weird characters. There was also a few interactive quizzes which they loved.




This was ‘the  lady with the bare bottom’ which was a landmark on the Greek tour!

I could have stayed  a bit longer but they were tired so we stopped for a snack in the amazing Great Court and called it a day, hopefully leaving with good memories and wanting to see more another day.


The only thing I wish I had done differently would have been to turn up a bit earlier. You would have thought I would have  done this having written this post, but somehow it just slipped my mind. There was a lot of people about and we had to queue to see some of the most famous exhibits like the Rosetta Stone, but the biggest queues were for the ladies toilets!



Do you have any tips for getting kids to love museums?

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