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“Hi there, my name is Drifa. I live in the village with my mum, brothers and sisters. Oh, and Ulfr our dog. Dad is around some of the time, but he is away on the boat just now on another trading expedition. It’s my job to look after the animals and help mum out a bit. Dad’s nickname is Ragni the Red Nose but I wouldn’t dare say it to his face or he’ll thump you,” she says as you walk through the village.

“This is our house here. Mum is making cheese from the milk I got from the cows celebrex this morning. I still have to feed the pigs and chickens. My brother is off fishing and collecting shellfish with some of the other boys. He’s a bit annoyed that dad wouldn’t let him come on the boat with him, but dad says he was still too young. I’m hoping that dad will bring me back some new beads for me – I spend all winter weaving some fabric for him to trade.”

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