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Viking Sweden

Welcome to Viking Sweden! – it is 956AD


You have landed right in the middle of a muddy street in a village. There are wooden buildings with grass growing on the roofs on either side of the street. Off to one side you can see a group of women wearing long wool dresses and aprons, and stalls selling meat and cheese and bread.  In the other direction you can see out of the village to the open countryside with some small fields and the sea in the distance.

You can hear cytotec abortion pill online chickens clucking, dogs barking and people laughing and shouting. You can smell sea air on the breeze as well as wood smoke and manure. Some children come round the corner into the street. There is a girl and a boy both wearing heavy wool cloaks fixed with brooches.

“Hello? Who are you? I’ve not seen you round here before. Welcome to our village. Would you like us to show you round?” said the girl.

What would you like to do?