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Tudor Britain

 Welcome to Tudor London! it is 1528AD



You have landed in the middle of a muddy street, and the first thing that hits you is the stink! It smells like you are in a public toilet. No-one else seems to notice though–and there are people all around you. You have to get out of the way quickly before a horse and cart runs you over, then you have a look around.

At one end of the street is an open square surrounded by tall buildings. There is a market in the square and it is busy cytotec pharmacy with people shopping and selling things–men and women are shouting out their wares. At the other end of the street you can see a broad river. As you walk closer to it you can see that is busy with boats carrying cargo and passengers up and down the river. The water looks pretty murky. Further up the river there is a huge and impressive bridge.

What would you like to do now?