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A boy on a donkey comes towards you. He is wearing only a small white skirt. “Hi there, d’you want a ride back to my house?” He helps you to climb behind him onto the donkey and then passes you a small basket full of fish. “Can you hold that? I’m taking it back to the house.” The donkey sets off slowly through the mud brick houses of the village.

egyptian boy throwing stick

“My name is Senbi, by the way,” he says, “I’ve been up since dawn. I help dad over the river. He is helping to build the tomb and sometimes he lets me help with the carving. I’m getting quite good at it now” he adds. “Dad buy misoprostol sent me back early to catch some fish. I found a really good spot, mum will be pleased. Look, this is the house here–there’s my sister Kiya and our dog.”

A girl runs up to you, a small dog at her heels. “At last Senbi, what’s been keeping you? Mums waiting for you, I think she is hoping you have some fish. Come on!” Senbi shrugs “I’d better go then.” You both get down off the donkey which he ties up in the yard of the house and you hand him the basket of fish.

What do you want to do now?