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“Hi, my name is Netikerty, but you can call me Neti. I’m the viziers daughter. He is very important. We live over there in that big house.” She points out a huge villa overlooking the river. There are beautiful sparkling white walls surrounding the house and she leads you through a gateway into a beautiful courtyard garden full of plants and trees and a pond covered in large white blossoms. Compared to the outside it is cool and green.

egyptian garden

“My brother is still at school. Dad wants him to learn to read and write. I wish I could learn too–its not fair, all I get to do is help mum out in the house and play the lute.” She leads you into a cool cheap cytotec room off the courtyard. The walls of the room are covered in beautiful, colourful paintings. A slender tabby cat appears and wind itself around Neti’s legs. “Hello Mayet. This is my pet cat, isn’t she cute?”

“Neti is that you?”A tall thin women dressed in a see through linen dress comes into the room. “I need you to help me get ready for tonight.” Neti turns to you and whispers, “I’d better go now. Mums getting all het up about tonight, we’re having some important people round for a party.”


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