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A boy walks towards you, he is wearing a fine linen skirt and his hair is plaited on one side of his head and shaven on the other. “Hi, my name is Nakhti. My dad’s the vizier; he’s busy overseeing the building of the pyramid today” he points across the river to where scores of men are working with huge blocks of stone.

“I’m just on my way home from the scribes house. I’m learning to read and write so that I could be an engineer when I’m older and then I’ll be able to help to build the pyramid too.” He leads you along a rough dusty path along the river which is lined with tall buy ventolin inhaler reeds. Large boats are floating down the river, some with huge blocks of stone on them, some piled up with food. “I wish I had time to do some hunting though, my friend got a huge waterfowl yesterday and he keeps boasting about it'”



“We are having a feast at our house tonight. My mum and sister are busy getting ready. They’ve been going on and on about what to wear  and the place will stink of incense and perfume, but I’d probably better get back home or I’ll be in trouble. I’ll see you later.”

What would you like to do now?