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“Hi there, my name is Kiya. D’you want to come and see my house? I just live in the village here. We moved so that my dad could be close to his work. He’s working on the Pharoah’s pyramid moving stones and things.” She is wearing a plain white linen tunic and has bare feet. “I’m supposed to be helping mum just now, she’s probably got loads of jobs waiting for me. Maybe if I can get them done quickly we can go and have a swim in the river later.”

egyptian girl duck

She leads you through a gate into a yard buy cytotec online outside a square house built of mud brick. There are some goats wandering round the yard and a chubby, naked toddler is playing with some stones. A lady is on her knees grinding wheat on some large stones. “Hi Kiya” she said, wiping sweat off her forehead “Could you take some of this flour next door for me please? Oh, and then the ducks need some food.”

“I’d better go now” smiled Kiya picking up a bowl of freshly ground flour.

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