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Ancient Egypt

Welcome to Ancient Egypt! It is 2565 BC

You have landed in a dry dusty stretch of land and boy is it hot. The sun is beating down on your head and the dust under your feet is warm. You seem to be near some sort of village; there are mud brick houses dotted around with women busy grinding grain and carrying pots. Small children are running around naked. In the other direction you can see a wide, slow moving river with palm trees and thick greenery on the banks. There are boats moving buy nexium lazily down the river carrying huge stones and other cargo.


Near the river are dark brown fields with men working in them, their dark skin is shiny with sweat and they wearing only an off white skirt. Further away on the other side of the river you see piles of stones and groups of men beside a huge stone construction.

A group of children about your age comes towards you – which one would you like to spend the day with?