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Flavia and Claudius

“Cool” they say, “we don’t get visitors much–come on!” They lead you back through winding streets full of people starting to make their way back home. The streets are getting narrower, windier and smellier! There are piles of rubbish and you are sure you saw a cockroach scuttling away. They lead you through ramshackle apartments which look like they could be a real fire hazard with washing hanging out of the windows and smoke in the air from cooking fires.

Flavia is wearing a long stola of rough off-white material. Claudius is wearing a worn looking tunic. Both were wearing small leather pouches or bullae round their necks. You eventually get to a dark and dingy room. A dark-haired woman is sitting sewing by the door. “Oh, kids you’re back–Flavia, go out and get us some buy cytotec generic soup will you? There are some coins in my purse. Quick before it gets dark.”

You go back out and down the stairs to a woman who is selling some soup form a large pot. She ladles some out into a big bowl that Flavia had brought. “Poor mum, she has to work so hard now” says Flavia, “my dad was a legionary–I never really knew him ‘cos he was always away with the army. He got killed in Gaul last year and mum has to work fixing clothes because the army pension’s not enough, and now Claudius is saying that he wants to join the legions too!” she sighs. “Anyway, I’d better get back.”

What do you want to do next?