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Aurelia and Marcus

“Come on! We’re late; we’d better get home. Mother made us promise to be back on time today.” Marcus is wearing a tunic down to his knees which is belted at the waist and is carrying an earthenware jar. Aurelia is wearing a long fine white dress and has a shawl over her shoulders. They are both wearing gold bullae round their necks.

You follow them as they lead the way through the market. “Honestly, mother and father are having Senator Pompus for dinner tonight, but you’d think it was Nero himself the way they are going on about it,” says Marcus, “we were sent out to collect this special garum sauce, but I think mum just wanted us out of the house.”

Eventually the streets get quieter and the shops on either cytotec pills online sides are replaced by high walls. They stop at a heavy looking wooden door and knock. A flap high up in the door opens and a tanned lined face peeps out “Oh, its just you two” and the door opens up. You step through an entrance hall and an outer atrium into the house. It is spacious and uncluttered with paintings on the walls and mosaics on the floor. A beautiful dark haired woman, covered in gold jewelry, comes into the room. “Ah, you are back. Thanks for bringing the garum. Come on, you’d better get ready for dinner.”

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