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Make a Samurai sword

My boys have both been reading the Young Samurai books by Chris Bradford recently, and there has been lots of role playing with pretend Samurai swords. Today, we thought we would have a go at making one.


Inspired by some of these old Japanese woodblock prints we drew a template then cut it out of cardboard.


These swords were slender and slightly curved, so to give it some strength we cut the shape out three times and stuck them all together to make the whole thing more robust.

We added two slightly narrower layers to the handle to give it a better 3D effect. The blade was then painted silver – I used some spray paint which is very ordering cytotec online quick, but acrylic paint would also work well.


Original katana have a rectangular or rounded guard, so we cut one out of cardboard and made a slit in the centre just wide enough to slide the blade through.




To decorate the pommel, we cut out some strips of black paper 2cm wide and glued them in spirals round the pommel to make the diamond pattern that is often found on these swords. Black tape if you had any, would make this a really quick and easy job. Paint the guard black or gold and add any other decorations that take your fancy.



Finished! Perfect for practicing obscure Japanese katas, or just annoying your little sister.


Make a Japanese Kimono Doll



Kimonos were worn by both men and women in Medieval or Feudal Japan. It is thought that this kind of garment first came to Japan from China.

The dress is ankle length and is wrapped over from left to right – only dead people wrap it the other way! This is thought to be because the Samurai warriors needed to be able to get their swords out of their belts easily (they wore them on their left hips.)

To make a Kimono Doll you will need:

  • one wooden peg
  • a stand, or a piece of modelling dough to stand it in
  • a very small piece of modelling clay
  • a pipe cleaner
  • sticky tape
  • some pretty paper or fabric
  • some ribbon and embroidery thread
  • scissors and glue
  • paint and some pens

First make the arms of your doll – put the pipe cleaner up through the pegs legs, twist it round a quarter and tape it in place.


Next, paint the face and neck of the doll white. Once it is dry you can draw on her face. At this buy cytotec uk stage you can also stick a piece of modelling clay on the head to make a bun if you want her to have one.




Next, use some black paint or a pen to draw in the hair.


Cut out a piece of paper or fabric for the sleeves. You can download ourĀ Kimono Template, or make up your own version.


Now slip the rest of the kimono over her head and stick the right upper part down. You can then fold the left front over and stick it down.



Next take a piece of ribbon or strip of paper, put some glue on the back and wrap it round her chest.



Tie a piece of embroidery thread round the Obi, stick a cut out paper flower in her hair and she is finished!



You can make her some friends – or try making a Samouri warrior too!



What do you think?