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Make a Japanese Kimono Doll



Kimonos were worn by both men and women in Medieval or Feudal Japan. It is thought that this kind of garment first came to Japan from China.

The dress is ankle length and is wrapped over from left to right – only dead people wrap it the other way! This is thought to be because the Samurai warriors needed to be able to get their swords out of their belts easily (they wore them on their left hips.)

To make a Kimono Doll you will need:

  • one wooden peg
  • a stand, or a piece of modelling dough to stand it in
  • a very small piece of modelling clay
  • a pipe cleaner
  • sticky tape
  • some pretty paper or fabric
  • some ribbon and embroidery thread
  • scissors and glue
  • paint and some pens

First make the arms of your doll – put the pipe cleaner up through the pegs legs, twist it round a quarter and tape it in place.


Next, paint the face and neck of the doll white. Once it is dry you can draw on her face. At this buy cytotec uk stage you can also stick a piece of modelling clay on the head to make a bun if you want her to have one.




Next, use some black paint or a pen to draw in the hair.


Cut out a piece of paper or fabric for the sleeves. You can download our Kimono Template, or make up your own version.


Now slip the rest of the kimono over her head and stick the right upper part down. You can then fold the left front over and stick it down.



Next take a piece of ribbon or strip of paper, put some glue on the back and wrap it round her chest.



Tie a piece of embroidery thread round the Obi, stick a cut out paper flower in her hair and she is finished!



You can make her some friends – or try making a Samouri warrior too!



What do you think?


How to make an Egyptian armlet

Jewellery was very important in ancient Egypt and was worn in both life and death. It was worn by men and women equally. Almost every burial found has had some form of jewellery with it; so it must have been important to wear it on your journey to the afterlife.



Many tomb paintings show both men and women wearing bracelets, armlets and anklets. Here is a quick and easy way to make some. You will need some old toilet roll cardboard tubes, some scissors, glue, paint, string and any other bits and bobs you have lying about.

Firstly, cut the cardboard tubes into pairs of similar depth, then make a slit down one side.



We have stuck some string on now to give more texture to the finished buy cytotec over counter armlet, but you could leave this bit out or stick string in a different pattern.



Paint the armlets gold – we used spray paint which is quick and easy, but any gold paint would work well.



Now you can decorate the armlets in any way you want – you could stick on some gems or beads, paint them with different colours or glitter glue, stick on some clay shapes; whatever takes your fancy. Remember to make a pair that match.


In many tomb paintings bracelets and armlets are both worn and sometimes even anklets too! So make plenty.

We would love to see some of your finished armlets, so email pictures of them to or let us know how you got on.

How to make a Roman serpent bracelet


Romans loved jewellery and solid gold bracelets and rings were often worn by women. Bracelets in the form of snakes were very popular and it was thought that the were worn for protection as they would ward off evil.

They were often worn in pairs around the wrists or upper arms.

Have a look at this beautiful example which was found in Pompeii.  If you live near London why not go along to the British Museum this summer to have a look at it?

Here is a quick and easy way to make buying cytotec online your very own serpent bracelets. You will need some toilet roll tubes, scissors and pencil and some gold paint.

Firstly, draw the outline of your snake gently spiralling around the outside of the tube.




We used spray paint which is very quick but you could easily paint it with gold poster paint.


You could add details with pencil or pen, or even add some gems or glitter glue.

Why not make a Roman gown to go with it?

We would live to see your finished bracelets – send us some photos to