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Make a Celtic Mirror

This weeks project is inspired by this beautiful Celtic mirror that is now in the British Museum. It was found in Northamptonshire in England and was made in the Iron Age, between 50BC and 50AD. Several mirrors like this have been found in Iron Age burials in Britain. They are made from iron or bronze and one side is highly polished to act like a mirror. The other side is usually engraved with a beautiful celtic design.


How to Make a Celtic Mirror

You will need:

  • cardboard
  • one piece of shiny metallic card
  • glue
  • scissors
  • gold or bronze paint
  • PVA glue
  • string

Start by cutting out your shape – you can download our celtic mirror template. We used two layers of cardboard to make the mirror a bit stronger and then glued them together.


Next you can add your Celtic pattern. Have a look at the mirror above for inspiration. The patterns are made with lines order cytotec flowing in curves and swirls. They are symmetrical so that both sides of the pattern are mirror images. We made a simple pattern using some string coated in a some watered down glue.


Once you are happy with your pattern you can leave the glue to dry. Once dry paint the whole mirror gold or bronze. Then we marked out some areas with a pencil and coloured them in to look like some of the cross hatched areas in the original mirror.


Stick the metallic card or foil on the other side to be the mirror. We also stuck a tiny piece of red paper to decorate the handle as some mirrors have been found with small areas of red enamel.


Your mirror is now finished! You can use it to get yourself  dressed for the next festival, or just show it off to your friends!



  1. good

  2. Emma Foreman says:

    Please could you e-mail me the template?

    I’m planning on making these with my Year 3 class.

    They are fab!

    Thank you, Emma

    • Fiona Mair says:

      Hi Emma – I have sent you the template by email – good luck making your mirrors! I’ll put a copy of the template on the downloads page as well.

  3. Jessica Garcia says:

    Is it possible to email me the template for my Year 3 class.
    This would be absolutely fantastic.


  4. Emma Daniel says:

    Hi I am using your idea with my home education group, however, there is no link for the template? Otherwise great inspiration thanks

    • Fiona Mair says:

      Hi Emma and Jess, sorry – not sure why the link wasn’t there – have hopefully now sorted it out so you can just click to get the template. Of course other shapes and sizes of mirrors would also be great. Good luck!!

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