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Wrap a mummy


Sadly it has been a bad year in ancient Egypt, not only has the great apple Pharaoh died, but now the Vizier and his wife have succumbed to illness too. They have just been mummified and now have to be wrapped before being put into their tomb.

 What you will need

(Modroc can be messy so please check with a grown up and use an area that can be easily cleaned. Aprons would also be a good idea!)

  • a couple of wooden pegs
  • some modelling clay
  • a black pen
  • one roll of modroc (plaster of paris bandage) We used one of 6cm width cut into two 3cm wide strips.
  • a small bowl of warm water


First we made the Vizier and his wife with the pegs and modelling clay – this helps to give the mummy a more realistic shape. We also had fun drawing on the funerary buy cytotec cheap online mask and giving them some jewellery. We placed  a small heart scarab on their chests to help them in their journey to the afterlife.

Next dip your modroc into the water for a few seconds to allow the water to soak in.


Lift it out and squeeze out most of the water


Find the end of the roll and start to wrap it round and around your mummy, making sure you get some round the bottom of their feet and head.


Once the roll is finished use a few drops of water to shape and smooth the surface of your mummy.


To make this process more authentic you could place some charms, such as scarabs or ankhs in the bandage as you wrap it and perhaps say a few prayers or incantations.

The mummies are now ready to be placed in their sarcophagus


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