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Make a jousting lance


After Sundays jousting extravaganza we were inspired to have a go at jousting ourselves. I had some unused foam pipe insulators (79p each from a hardware shop) which we decorated with some coloured card and tape.


Cut out a large semicircle of card – we used a big baking bowl as a template.


Wrap it round the lance and tape snugly in position (strong glue would also work well.)


Decorate the lances buy cheap cytotec usa with coloured tape or ribbons.



How about trying some jousting games?  Hitting ballons and catching hoops would make great Knight party games, though if you have any number of boys present they will  probably just end up bashing each other over the head!

The boys have also had some great fun with this online jousting game from the V&A museum.

How did you get on?


  1. Love jousting sticks. Very effective quick to make and my7yr old twin boys love them. Thank you.

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