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Vikings – Links and Resources

Great internet sites and games

Play the Viking Quest and build a boat to go looting in at this brilliant BBC website!

The BBC site also has some great information if you are writing a project on viking life. You can then help Thorkel on his trading voyage.

Once you think you know all about the Vikings you try this Viking Quiz.

Head off to Viking Training School with the National Museum of Scotland’s new game.

Become an archaeologist and dig up some information about the Vikings in this great game.

Learn how to write your name in Runes.

Join the Vikings on a sea mission buy cytotec cheap with this fun interactive game from Horrible Histories.

The Jorvik centre website also has some great information on what Vikings were like based on actual artefacts found in  Viking York.

Places to visit

The Jorvik centre in York is a must see exhibition with a ride back in time through Viking York. Don’t miss out on DIG while you are in York to lean all about what archaeologists do.

The British Museum in London and the National Museum of Scotland both have lots of Viking artefacts for you to have a look at.