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Ancient Rome – Resources and Links for Kids

Great internet sites and games

The British Museum website has loads of informations on daily life in Roman Britain–great for homework projects!

Have a look at the BBC website  for a short film on life in Rome as a 10 year old. There are also some fantastic games– try solving a Roman mystery or playing a Gladiator game.

Try this site  for an interactive guide to Romans in Scotland.

Watch this short animation about the life of a teenager in ancient Rome.

Play a Roman board game called Merels – its hard!

Places to visit

Britain is full of remnants from the Roman cheap cytotec philippines occupation. Some of the best ones for children are:

Chester. The Dewa Roman experience brings Roman Chester to life.

Hadrians wall which runs right across the north of England. Vindolanda is a Roman Fort which has a great Roman Army Museum with 3D film which all boys are guaranteed to love.

The British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland have plenty of Roman artefacts to have a look at and the Museum of London will show you what life was like in Roman London.

Meet the Romans at the Roman Baths in Bath.