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How to Mummify an Apple


Alas, the great apple Pharaoh has died. We must help him travel to the afterlife.

1. First, we must take out his brains and internal organs – this should be done with care with an apple corer or a sharp knife – ask an adult for some help. You can chuck the brains out, but keep the other organs in special canopic jars.

2. Next draw or carve a face in the apple.



3. Pack the Pharaoh in natron. If you don’t have any natron cytotec usa then a mixture of table salt and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) will do. A ratio of 2:1 salt to baking soda works well.



4. In Egypt he would have been left in natron for forty days, but this mummy should be ready in about a week. Take him out of the salt mixture and gently wash and dry him.



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  1. stasia jackson says:

    this is fantastic. Just what I need . Thank you

  2. Nice , reall neat and cool

  3. Thank you!
    Made this one for an ancient Egypt family camp.
    I can send a photo if you’d like.

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