World War II Evacuees

One of the most historic wars is World War II. It affected thousands of people that it displaced citizens from their own countries, forcing them to seek shelter in other countries. The people displaced were called evacuees as they needed to evacuate their own homes for their safety and survival.

Even before the war ensued, many British people including children were evacuated to the countryside; some were even brought to other countries such as Australia, the United States of America, and Canada.

Evacuee children were given labels with information such as their name, school, and home address as labels of identity. It was scary for most children because some have not even travelled outside of the city and the uncertainty of seeing their family was high.

One of the things created during the war was a communication system called Morse Code. American Samuel Morse created the communication system that uses dots and dashes which have corresponding letters and numbers to create a message.

Another thing abundant during World War II was propaganda posters. Propaganda posters were posted all over public places with messages for the public to read. Some posters gave hope and motivation amidst the war, some were propagating against war enemies, and some were reminders on how to survive the war.