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  • Make a Roman Shield

    This Roman shield has been a long time coming. We have had many previous attempts when the boys were smaller but had problems keeping the curved shape of the shield. So when my daughter decided that she wanted to make one for a school topic we just had to come up with the new improved… [Continue Reading]

    Make a Roman Shield
  • Make a Victoria Cross

    The boys are both doing World War 2 as their history topic this year, so we have been doing a bit of extra reading and finding out about some of the astounding bravery shown by soldiers, spys, animals and members of the public during this war. We found out a bit more about the Victoria… [Continue Reading]

    Make a Victoria Cross
  • Celebrate Saturnalia!

    Does it feel like you are getting up in the middle of the night at the moment? That you are dragging yourself to work or school when you should be in bed because it’s just so dark? Now imagine that you don’t have any electric lights and the only light you have is from candles… [Continue Reading]

    Celebrate Saturnalia!
  • Make a Roman oil lamp

    We recently went on a camping holiday which made me think about how different life must have been before there was electric light. It is very hard to do anything once the daylight goes, even with plenty of candles about. So what was it like before electricity was invented? Oil lamps have been found in… [Continue Reading]

    Make a Roman oil lamp
  • Make a Roman Pizza

    I have just got hold of a fantastic book by Mark Grant; ‘Roman Cookery, Ancient Recipies for Modern Kitchens’. Some of the recipes, it has to said, may not be entirely kid friendly (Pig’s trotter for tea tonight kids?) but a lot of them are quite similar to food we eat a lot. So it… [Continue Reading]

    Make a Roman Pizza
  • D-Day for children

    This time 70 years ago something momentous was happening in Britain; everyone was getting ready for the biggest seaborne invasion of all time. On June the 6th 1944, in World War II, the allied forces invaded Normandy and started to push the Germans back. It is thought that this day, D-day, was the turning point… [Continue Reading]

    D-Day for children
  • Make an American Indian Armband

    People have lived in North America for more than 15,000 years. When Christopher Columbus arrived in North America, he thought he had arrived in India which is why the indigenous people there were called Indians! These original Americans lived in tribes, some which you might have heard of ┬álike the Apaches, Cherokees and Sioux. They… [Continue Reading]

    Make an American Indian Armband
  • The mystery of the Neolithic stone balls.

    One of the things I love about the Neolithic is the number of totally weird things that have been found. And for most of these we have absolutely ┬áno idea at all what they were used for. Like stone circles, man made hills, deer skulls that might have been worn as masks, and knobbly stone… [Continue Reading]

    The mystery of the Neolithic stone balls.

Welcome to Time Traveller Kids

Welcome to this compilation of craft projects for lovers of history. They are designed mainly for children aged 5-13 (though thats not to say adults can have fun too). There are also various random history related ramblings and ideas on how to make history accessible for children.